Addicted to a Broken Promise

Let’s be honest, every promise from the world is going to be broken. Such a promise starts with a tempting lie in the form of a rationalization to fulfill a legitimate need by sinning. The sin is followed by condemnation and then shame. Diabolically, the shame is also mixed with a growing attachment to the sin. It is an effective strategy that has challenged mankind since the Garden. Thankfully, the God who designed you knows your needs and how to perfectly fulfill them in a way that blesses you and brings Him glory.

One of those broken promises is the allure of pornography. There is a spiritual transaction that takes place when we engage with another in sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy occurs visually as well as physically. Part of the process in helping anyone break free of pornography includes dealing with the attachment that is established when we are exposed to sexually explicit media. The strong draw to return to these images is in part due to the attachments that develop.

The first step to break free of pornography requires you to forgive and ask, God to heal those who were unable to love you well or have sexually abused you. Then reject the lie that somehow you are not worthy of authentic love, followed by declaring the truth of God’s unconditional love for you. The next step is praying a prayer to break the personal and pornographic attachments that have developed.

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