God’s Uncommon Vision for You

God expresses His vision for all of His people in Romans 8:29: to be molded inwardly so as to reflect the image of Christ — to be like His Son and share in His divine nature. How totally amazing!!
It is an uncommon vision because it comes from the Creator of the universe, who wants you to be like his Son, the perfect representation of God Himself.

It is uncommon in that there is no supreme vision – none that could possibly trump it. It is the highest possible calling for mankind. It is also the highest calling for any entity laboring to advance His kingdom.

It is uncommon because it differs from the vision of the Church, which is more focused on training oneself to force Christ-like behavior rather than having His heart, which is the only way to authentically change.

You might disagree that the Church does not share God’s vision. Have you ever witnessed a person who claims to live by a set of beliefs and values but proves otherwise by his lifestyle? Ever been involved with an organization that had a great vision but clearly failed to follow or achieve it?

Our churches appear to have the vision of transformation but they try to achieve it using behavior modification tactics. This has brought us to a place where the behavior of born-again believers is no different than that of the secular world they are trying to save.

To share in God’s work we must share in His vision and His strategy. His strategy is to mold us, and His tool for this project is leading us to repent of anything in our hearts that does not reflect the heart of Christ. Christ’s heart is characterized by forgiveness, humility, loving God more than anything, truth, complete trust in the Father and more. As we progressively reflect these characteristics, we become more like Christ. After this happens, the fruit (our behavior) will come.

To yield apples you must plant apple tree seeds. From the dust of the earth comes a tree with the natural character to yield the fruit. We can hang apples on any tree, but no one is fooled, especially not the world Christianity wants to save. Our offerings are commonly deemed suspect by a world that is ready and willing to condemn our advances. The sustained life change we want and an effective body of Christ the world needs will come from adopting God’s uncommon vision as our own.