Anonymous but not Alone

Even though most people anonymously engage in sin through the internet, we are never alone as Christians. Satan would have people believe that they are isolated and that no one else is impacted by their behavior. The truth is that God lives in us through the Holy Spirit, and whenever we make a decision to reject God’s will, He is grieved – just as any father would be who loves his child and can only watch as they ignore his warnings and injure themselves.

If the priority in your life is to please God before yourself, this scripture proclaims that you are on your way to breaking the bondage of habitual sin. This level of faith maturity is referred to in Scripture as “having the mind of Christ.” Peter makes it clear that the power to overcome sin’s control emanates from having the desire to please God before you please yourself. Christ has always put God’s desire before his own. (1 Peter 4:1 AMP)

It is foolishness to the world, but the truth is that freedom comes from obedience. The life we want comes from dying to our self-will. No, we will never be free of sin in this life, but Scripture promises that we can be free of intentional, premeditated, planned-out, sought-after sin behavior if we hunger to please God first. He is the one true God who gave you eternal life and the opportunity to live an abundant life free of agitating passions and the shame of sin. He lives in you and is always with you. You never sin alone.

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