Escaping the High Cost of Emotional Suffering – Truth

Replacing Damaging Lies with Life-Giving Truth

Healthcare professionals have long acknowledged that our beliefs about life, ourselves and God impact our emotional wellbeing and therefore our health. Our experience at Rock House Center is that most people are suffering under the burden of false beliefs that bring about negative emotions like: fear, depression, hopelessness, low self-esteem and others. These emotions account for significant healthcare costs and loss of productivity.

While the key to addressing false, damaging beliefs continues to be elusive through traditional secular methods, biblical counseling is a highly effective model of replacing lies with truth. The reason it is so successful is that God’s ultimate Truth is the basis to defeat lies and redirect beliefs toward hopeful, positive thinking.

We know from scripture that Jesus has no lies in Him, that God desires us to reflect His character and that Satan is the father of lies which advance his murderous intent. Satan advances his purposes with lies, while Jesus advances the will of the Father with Truth.

So we want to rid ourselves of any lies we believe and replace them with God’s Truth. That would be consistent with God’s desire to make us like Christ and remove the tormenting lies. A lie must be believed to harm us. Any lie is a direct assault on the abundant inner life that scripture promises believers.

The Word says that the Truth shall set you free. If so, then a lie is an implement of bondage. Being in bondage is being in the control of another.

We meet regularly with people who struggle because they believe lies that result in low self-esteem, sometimes believing that they are virtually worthless. Some sources of those lies are:

  • Having a father or mother who was not emotionally equipped or physically present to express the love the child needed, resulting in the belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with them or they are not good enough to be loved.
  • Statements ranging from ‘you are a failure’ to ‘God is punishing you because of how bad you are’.
  • Wrongly concluding that based on their life, God must not love them or has turned His back on them.
  • Beliefs that ‘I have to earn God’s love’ or ‘work to be assured of salvation’.


All of these beliefs are actually tormenting, joy-robbing lies that damage the quality of life and potentially lead to self-destruction. A most tragic outcome resulting from lies is the person who chooses to take their own life. Do they come to this place knowing the truth of who God is and how much He loves them? No! They have believed a series of lies that has brought them to a point of believing the last fatal lie that the permanent solution of death is their best answer to the way they feel about their life at that moment.

One of the most important life truths is that our value has been established by the God of the universe through His perfect love for us. Any other basis for our sense of self-worth is fleeting and untrustworthy.

God has known us, loved us, fought for us, sacrificed for us and paid for us, so that He can spend eternity with us. What could be a greater statement of our value? We cannot separate God’s love for us from how much He values us. The Truth of how greatly you are valued is inextricably intertwined with how much you are loved by Him. Our God loves us, so your value is absolute, eternal and unassailable.

Ask God to reveal what lie you have believed that contradicts how much God loves and values you. And if there is a person you need to forgive for communicating that lie, pray that He would bring that person to your mind. Then we will pray to reject that lie and offer forgiveness to the person.

“Heavenly Father, thank You for the truth of Your love and that I can be assured of my worth through Your perfect and eternal love for me. Please reveal the lie I have believed that opposes Your truth and show me if there is anyone that I need to forgive.”

“Heavenly Father, I reject the lie that my worth can be established by anything other than You. I specifically reject the lie that_______. I accept the Truth that You love me and value me perfectly. I declare that You value me immensely and desire to have me in Your kingdom for eternity. I reject all lies about my worth from how people have treated me or what they have spoken over me or any lie that opposes the truth of how much You love and value me. I also forgive them and ask You to forgive them as well. Please heal these people of the lies they suffer under so that they could be free of their suffering and prosper.

Father please forgive me for believing a lie that opposes Your truth and remove Satan’s access to torment and control me through lies. I ask this in the name of Your Son Jesus. Amen.”