Forgive God – Seriously?

When I get a chance to speak about helping people gain emotional strength I commonly joke, “Save yourself $30,000 and years in counseling – forgive your parents.” While that is still broadly true, I have come to realize that our need to forgive God is the more foundational need on the way to emotional healing. While it seems like a ridiculous notion that as mortals we have some basis to take offense from the Creator, it is common. It is also absolutely necessary to forgive God for one to have wellbeing – seriously.

If you were to tell me that humans are rational beings, I would say- “not so fast!”  There is no more logic in blaming God for any aspect of our life than blaming your grocer for the dent in your car made by a runaway grocery basket. God has set up the rules and He has taken the risk of allowing us to have the freedom to break them. God has given His creation the option to reject Him. In our broken world, people choose evil causing innocent people to get hurt. This doesn’t make your suffering His fault.

Everyone we work with wants a better relationship with God. Those who feel the most disconnected from God probably blame Him for some or all of their suffering. It is not rational to hold a grudge against God, but people do it and the relationship suffers, just like it would with anyone else you are mad at. So forget the logic and just forgive God, then ask God to forgive you for blaming Him. He will not withhold His forgiveness. Like making up with a friend, your closeness will be restored – to your great blessing and His glory.