Free Your Spouse From the “God Socket”

God did not create Eve because there was something wrong or insufficient in His relationship with Adam. Adam’s deepest, divinely implanted needs for trust, emotional intimacy, divine purpose, peace, provision and a lot more were all available to perfection from God.  While Eve did bring an additional dimension and blessing to Adam’s existence, his relationship with his Creator lacked nothing. It was never the intent of God to have Eve assume any aspect of His relationship with Adam. Nor is there any reason to think God needed Adam to intervene in His relationship with Eve.

Unconditional love is one foundational need every person must satisfy to be at peace. If we look to imperfect people, including our spouse, to provide unconditional love we will be disappointed. Putting this expectation on a spouse only degrades the basis of the marriage to a failed proposition from the start. To the degree that we put a divine expectation on our spouse, we have wedged him or her into the “God Socket” of our hearts.

If you have never gone to God to fulfill your need to totally trust and receive unconditional love, you can be sure your marriage and all your relationships will improve significantly when you do. Make God the first, most cherished and primary relationship in your life. Your spouse will love you for it.

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