The Pride of Life

The greatest obstacle to our relationship with the Lord is losing our sense of dependency on Him when life is in a good season. Its why historically God’s people thrive under persecution and languish when the pressure is off. Personally I have experienced how my relationship with God deepens with my need for Him and is challenged when worldly success and comfort are more available.

What we are battling is the “pride of life” referenced in 1 John 2:15-17AMP.  It is defined as the “assurance of one’s own resources or the stability of earthly things”. This tendency of our sin nature toward this particular type of pride is an obstacle to staying engaged with God and desiring His will before our own.

God provides the victory by inviting His children to enter His gates with thanksgiving which always trumps the strategy of darkness by bringing glory to the Lord and advancing our relationship with Him. Remember that all the good stuff comes from God, so give Him the credit.

So when you are in a good season or having a good day take that joy to God and thank Him. This will bring a wonderful added dimension to your relationship with the Lord and replace the temptation of pride with a growing desire to move closer to God born of your gratitude. He promises to move closer to you in response.