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Be Transformed Workbook - Third Edition
Be Transformed: New Life Awaits Workbook 3rd Edition

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  • Purely Biblical pathway to a new heart and a new life with greater well-being
  • Proprietary Program Guide used by Rock House Center Facilitators
  • 81 sequential daily readings enhanced by revealing questions with opportunities to engage God in prayers that advance peace-giving heart transformation over 16 weeks
  • Engaging process of Kingdom revelation, self-discovery and spiritual growth
  • Transparent testimony of the author’s personal experiences of God’s heart transformation
  • Real life, practical understanding and application of life-transforming Biblical concepts
  • Leadership Guide and Participants Pledge for group study
Be Transformed New Life Awaits Book
Be Transformed: New Life Awaits Book

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  • Combines insights from over 25 years of personal transformation from John Robin Murphy

  • 11 chapters of personal life examples and application from John interwoven with biblical concepts

  • Testimonies of breakthrough with transformational insights

  • Includes prayers to advance personal sanctification

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Be Transformed Video Teaching Series:
  • 16 Weeks of Video Teaching from Founder of Rock House Center, John Robin Murphy.
  • 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes in length
  • Engaging overview of concepts used by Rock House Center facilitators
  • John’s personal experiences and testimonies of God’s heart transformation.
  • Practical life examples and application of concepts
  • All slides and talking points included
  • Invitation for transformational prayer at the conclusion of each video

Learn to engage God’s life transforming power with individual teaching videos which correlate with each chapter in the workbook. In these teachings, John Murphy conveys truth in a compelling and profound way and expands on key concepts with further illustrations that are not found in the workbook. With a call to transformation through prayer at the end of each video, the concepts are implemented in the context of each person’s personal relationship with God. These videos alone have the potential to usher the participant into a new level of spiritual growth and well-being in life.

Video Series Testimonies

“I can’t imagine a better discipleship tool!”
– Fellowship of Christian Athletes Area Director

“The workbook and videos are perfect for a small group study.”
– Small Group Leader, Boulder, Colorado

“I came across your “Be Transformed” videos…as a result of a Google search on Biblical solutions for overeating. Praise the Holy Spirit for leading me to your work! What an absolute joy to witness such a rational approach to deliverance! It is so delightful to encounter such a grounded and sensible program offered by such a poised servant of God. I have benefited greatly from your teaching…I experienced immediate relief of self-condemnation. It’s so rare to encounter methods that produce actual results…”
– Grateful Woman from New York

“We are proposing that everyone in our church go through this study.”
– Small group leader, large church, Brentwood, TN

“Because of my wife’s experience and testimony from the “Be Transformed” program, our pastor is introducing it with a video presentation to our entire congregation, encouraging them to participate when we launch the study in small groups.”
– Mid-sized church, Spring Hill, TN

“Our women’s pastor is going through the “Be Transformed” study after hearing of my experience, and we are considering it as leadership enrichment for all pastors.”
– Mid-sized church, Franklin, TN

“Your study is a great fit for our senior Bible class.”
– Headmaster of Christian K-12 school, Knoxville, TN